1 week juice cleanse starts tomorrow!


Time to do another juice cleanse. Hormones are starting to change, I can feel it.. you know that not so deep down urge to punch someone in the face simply because they are eating too close to you?!  I hate how I feel when I am PMSing and am determined to feel lighter, less bloated, cleaner, and hopefully less irritable!

So tomorrow is 1/19/13 and I’ll start my juice cleanse. I’m not really psyched about it this time, but oh well, not like my excitement level has jack squat to do with what I know I have to do. I’m going to have to keep myself busy too or all I will think about is food.  I do know that the mental battle is usually the biggest with this cleanse because physically I feel much better and my skin improves within two days time.

Looks like tomorrow is going to be a nice afternoon with a high of 52 degrees! Sounds like good weather to take a walk!!


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